Is It In Black And White

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Hoping to fan the flames of heartfelt rebel rock, BURNING STREETS emerges from the scene that has produced some of the world's most timeless punk rock anthems -- Boston, MA. Honing the sentiments of the Boston street punk sensibility, BURNING STREETS crafts anthems that stem from reference points such as SOCIAL DISTORTION, THE CLASH, DROPKICK MURPHYS and THE BOUNCING SOULS. Brothers Drew and "Jewlz", bored teenagers growing up on the sounds of The Clash, joined long time companions Chris and Steve to chase the dream of playing live rock 'n' roll. That boring life turned into a loud, exciting journey seen through the back of a high spirited yellow van, giving rise to a whole new chapter of things to look forward to.

With a youthful attitude and a passion for the power of music, Burning Streets is simply four kids playing their own style of the songs that have touched their hearts, forever harboring that need for new experience in a sometimes not so intriguing world. The band hopes to hold their songs and energetic hearts close to them as they grow.

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1. Kiss The World Goodbye
2. You're Alive Today
3. Asleep At The Wheel
4. Tea Party
5. The Draw
6. Final Chance (For First Impressions)
7. The Reason
8. He's Alright
9. 13 Hours
10. Throwing Rocks

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