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Since forming in 2002, Angel City Outcasts have been writing anthems for Punk's newest generation. This young, hard rocking quintet from the notorious city of Los Angeles has been quickly coming up as one of L.A.'s top street-rock acts. When this group of talented musicians came together and flexed their instruments, sheer creative chemistry was set a blaze.

Angel City Outcasts combine aspects from all of their favorite musical styles and genres, which includes classic punk, hardcore, country / rockabilly, do wop, and hard rock, creating a unique sound that can loosely be referred to as Street-Punk-Rock-and-Roll. Their loud and up beat music infuses the urgency and intensity of punk, with the lyrical storytelling of Johnny Cash, and wailing heavy metal/rock and roll guitar riffs and leads in the vein of bands like AC/DC and Guns 'N Roses.

Besides the bands incredible instrumental and vocal abilities, their stage presence only amplifies their appeal as these charismatic lads interact with the audience through call and response choruses, jokes and last song requests. Through constant touring A.C.O. have acquired a loyal and dedicated following in much of the United States and are receiving constant requests to visit other parts of the world. Getting steady radio play on L.A.'s Indie 103.1fm and touring / playing with such bands as the Dropkick Murphys, Dead Kennedys, U.S. Bombs, Kings of Nuthin, Flogging Molly and Youth Brigade, Angel City Outcasts continue to invade your scene one blistering show at a time.

Now, with the release of their third full length, and their first self-titled, the band’s unique sound and outlaw aesthetic has come to full fruition and maximized maturity.

FOR FANS OF: Guns N Roses drinking whiskey with Johnny Cash on a train ride to a Dropkick Murphys show



1. Five Guns West
2. Going Crazy
3. Sidewinder
4. Get It Right
5. Don’t Break Me Down
6. Doghouse Blues
7. Hold On
8. Wild Hearts
9. Lift Me Up
10. Sinnamon
11. Left For My Own
12. On My Way / Exodus

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