Old Habits Die Hard

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3000 miles away from home with a bus broken down, 1 stolen piano, 3 saxophones, a bunch of guys who want to kill each other and a $10.00 black suit. Such circumstances emerges into one of those moments in life when one starts to think, "How the hell did I get here, and what the hell am I doing?"

Completely out of tune, eight men strong and broken down not far from your hometown, they call themselves THE KINGS OF NUTHIN. In the summer of 1999 "The Boston Blackouts" officially adopted their new name THE KINGS OF NUTHIN and began playing outside of Massachusetts. Their history is as ludicrous as it gets - - 8 punks trying to re-create an authentic rock and roll sound, failing to do so, and inventing a very unique new sound in the process.

It is rare in the music scene today to see or hear of such a story of complete "fuck-ups" who somehow managed to "get their shit together" and become the reigning force THE KINGS OF NUTHIN are today. Stereo-type them as what you want, but there are few other bands that come close to what THE KINGS OF NUTHIN have been through or the sound that they create. To this day, the KINGS have toured many countless countries and have played all types of shows in all types of places: from all-age punk matinees to late night drunken rockabilly shows; from national hot rod venues to tattoo conventions; from DIY basement shows to large venues sharing the stage with National Acts such as the Dropkick Murphys, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, U.S. Bombs, Demented Are Go, and the Robins and the Extraordinaires.

The KINGS have been banned from many clubs around the country as a result of the audience they attract and as a result of their out of control live act (on and off the stage). The KINGS have stolen or destroyed more vehicles, pianos, reputations than they might care to admit. Why any of the members ever ended up sticking around is a mystery and why the band never fell apart again is unknown. Through hard times, homelessness, constant equipment failure, many line-up changes and death, THE KINGS OF NUTHIN` continue to crank out their unique style of music and continue to win over new fans around the world.

"What we have here is something truly distinctive; a fun and furious ramble through swing, big band, jazz and blues under a big fat punk rock umbrella." -PUNKROCKS.NET




1. Black & Blue
2. Dead Set Against
3. Same Situation
4. Old Habits
5. Promise not a Threat
6. The List
7. Bystander
8. No Responsibility
9. Shitsville U.S.A.
10. Sick & Tired
11. Silver City
12. Asleep at the Wheel
13. Man Down
14. Flake
15. Expiration Date
16. You’re Fucked
17. Rhythm & Booze
18. Congratulations

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