As Bold As Brass

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London’s BOOZE & GLORY suffer no curiosity towards anything but their tried and true brand of hook-laden, red-brick sidewalk stompin’, skinhead Oi! rock ‘n’ roll!

Having already laid their claim to the European territory through years of hard touring, strong festival appearances and their wildly-successful albums Always On The Wrong Side and Trouble Free, Sailor's Grave Records is honored to release their third full length, As Bold As Brass, here in the States.



1. Off We Go!
2. Leave The Kids Alone
3. Down And Out
4. Waiting For Tomorrow
5. One Of Them
6. Julie
7. Only Fools Get Caught
8. Sick Of You
9. Farewell Goodbye
10. I Hope You Still Remember
11. Cock & Bull Story (feat.Watford Jon, Argy Bargy)
12. We'll Stick Together
13. Always On The Wrong Side (acoustic) - Special bonus track exclusive to the the U.S. release