Let It Ride

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LA's newfound punk heroes, ANGEL CITY OUTCASTS have, in a short time, formed a foundation for their own distinct musical style, which combines the urgency and charisma of street-punk and the versatility and skill of classic Rock 'n Roll. Angel City Outcasts brand of street rock is an assault against the often substandard, pretentious and boring music crowding the airwaves of today's TV and radio. The band's mission is to put brass balls as well as skill back into Rock 'n Roll. ACO's musical influences are all over the spectrum including not only punk from every decade but also old country, celtic rock, rockabilly, hardcore, metal and everything in between. The result is a an amazingly diverse sound that will appeal to fans of DROPKICK MURPHYS, STREET DOGS, TIGER ARMY, and SOCIAL DISTORTION.



1. Trent
2. I'm An A.C.O.
3. Youth Rebellion (Revisited)
4. The Chase
5. Popeye In Afghanistan
6. Let It Ride
7. LA Rock City
8. Black Suits On Table Three
9. Keep On
10. A New Breed Of Rock N' Roll

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