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MAD SIN "Sweet & Innocent??...Loud & Dirty!!' This fourpiece from Germany serves up 100% pure rockin' power, rollin' to the wild Punkabilly rhythm, drinking whisky to the mournful country prison blues & re-igniting the Rock 'n' Roll fire to end them all. Bow down to the hotrod racers, the truck stop wasters, the drive-in crazies, the juke-joint hellraisers. This record showcases the extraordinary cross-polinization of rockabilly, punk rock, classical Hardcore and a lot of psychobilly, which became pretty fast the trademark of the quartet. So dive into the psychobilly hell billy beat of MAD SIN. For Fans Of: REVEREND HORTON HEAT, TIGER ARMY, NEKROMANTIX, and MIKE NESS



1. Sin City Calling
2. Mad To The Bone
3. All This And More
4. Scarred Ole`Heart
5. Dead Man Tell No Tales
6. Paralyzed
7. Take A Ride
8. Costa Del Hell
9. Tumblin`Down
10. Russian Roulette
11. Club Sin-A-Gogo
12. Love Dictator (Bonus Track)
13. Overdose Affair
14. Behind The Fa├žade /
15. Interceptor
16. Moustache
17. El Cativo (Bonus Track)
18. No More Trick Or Treat (Bonus Track)
19. Misplaced (Bonus Track)

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