The Winter Of Discontent

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Spawned out of the dirt and grime of downtown Los Angeles in 1997, THE GENERATORS, a Punk Rock band that would eventually become legendary worldwide, had an unbreakable foundation in vocalist Doug Kane and drummer Ernie Berru. Kane and Berru had already had immense success in the Punk outfit SCHLEPROCK, signing to Warner Bros. Records, a major label known for its iconic artists and unforgettable Rock acts. SCHLEPROCK would inevitably prove to be anything but what their humorous name implied; their songs were picked up by every major radio market in the United States, and their video was put into heavy rotation on MTV, boosting their record sales way beyond the 100,000 mark. As if this weren't enough, SCHLEPROCK would go on to tour incessantly, stretching their dense sound across four continents and sharing the stage with other Punk Rock legends such as Rancid, Bad Religion, and label-mates, Green Day. But it wasn't enough. Unsatisfied with their then line-up, SCHLEPROCK disbanded to lead the way for something better and nothing less than seminal, THE GENERATORS. Building upon their love of 1977-style PunknRoll, THE GENERATORS were rounded out by guitarists Doo the Destroyer and Danny Damned . In a mere 30 days after their inception, THE GENERATORS had already garnered attention from renowned label Triple X Records and were signed on the spot, again putting them among the best of the best - Social Distortion, Janes Addiction - even blues-man Bo Diddley. Just 60 days later, THE GENERATORS were sonically pummeling noteworthy acts at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, the largest music convention in all of North America, an event known for launching careers and its strict selectivity. Shortly after gaining exposure and fans at SXSW, THE GENERATORS released their first full-length album entitled, "Welcome To The End" . Proving that it was in fact not the end for THE GENERATORS but just the beginning for them, the band's crossover appeal was staggering; their song "City of Angels" was used as the backdrop in an advertisement for the Corona Beer Company. Towards the end of 1999, THE GENERATORS had toured non-stop, covering new ground overseas in countries such as Austria, Germany, Holland, England, Belgium, Poland and France. Inspired by their relentless touring and dedication, THE GENERATORS completed their second full-length, the aptly titled "Burning Ambition" which was released by TKO Records, a San Francisco-based label known for releasing quality Punk Rock and establishing cred for their artists. Impressed by the band's next release, "Tyranny" and their influence in Europe, Mark Brennan, owner of Captain Oi Records, England's largest and most respected re-issue label said, "THE GENERATORS are the number one Punk band for the new millennium." The new millennium has been good to THE GENERATORS, or rather, THE GENERATORS have been good for the new millennium. Their fan base has grown exponentially, partially due to co-headlining important Punk festivals such as Germany's The Force Attack, and sharing the main stage at England's infamous Holidays in the Sun. Following these consistent successes in Europe, the band was touching new ground as their unique Punk sound was lending itself to more Rock-oriented roots. In 2002 and 2003 alone, THE GENERATORS were blasted all over college radio, even reaching CMJ's Top 100, which led to a tour with legendary Punk band, the Dead Kennedys. Taken by THE GENERATORS ever-changing sound, Rich Mouser, known in the industry for his work with Weezer, Less Than Jake, and Sepultura, began recording the band. Following the sessions with Mouser, the Generators headed back to Europe, sharing the stage with Rock veterans such as Slayer, Anthrax, and Sepultura at Germany's biggest Metal/Punk event, the Full Force Festival. Despite their ongoing successes and loyal fan base worldwide, THE GENERATORS are a band that will consistently grow, whether it be sonically and professionally, for many years to come



1. Walking Away
2. Here I Go
3. Who Is Going To Save The World?
4. Setting Sail
5. Crawling On Top
6. Room With A View
7. Lost In Transition
8. From A To Z
9. In Memory Of
10. Ten Days Away
11. Raining Ashes
12. All Brand New

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