Beer Fueled Mayhem

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At the end of a trail of empty beer bottles you'll find Troy, New York's finest bunch of screw-ups. Murderer's Row is not a band; it is a group of musicians in the true meaning of the word. Everywhere they go is a party and everyone is invited! Whether you plan on fighting or boozing, the bands superior live show will provide the perfect soundtrack to both. With a sound that is too wide to narrowly pin down, it is best to just call them rock 'n' roll. They mix basic sounds of punk rock and oi (think The Business or 4 Skins) along with sounds from the metal realm comparable to Motorhead and Iron Maiden all topped even with a dash of Irish folk here and there. 2007 proves to be promising with the solidified line-up of: Bob Riley - Vocals (ex-STIGMATA), Sick Nick - Lead Guitars, Snakepit Sean - Bass, and Ben Hall - Drums. Their summer touring schedule is filling up fast. Upcoming shows with The Business, Leeway, Iron Cross and The Slumlords are in the works, as well as a possible West Coast tour. Murderer's Row are gearing up to release their Rebellion Records' debut entitled Beer Fueled Mayhem early 2007. Expect 11 tracks of fresh brewed Drunken Rock 'N' Roll anthems with special guest vocals by Jimmy Gestapo of Murphy's Law. For Fans Of: The Business, Motorhead, AC/DC, Murphy's Law



1. Barbrawl
2. Dear Mr. Music Critic
3. Gimme The Money
4. One More For The Road
5. Crazy, Sick, Psychotic
6. Irish Carbomb
7. Manitobas
8. Ragnarok
9. My Heart Is A Clenched Fist
10. Streetpunk
11. Foe

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